Sunday, 27 July 2014


The feeling of wanting...

like your skin is too tight,
and you need to burst,
out of your shell,
and run out into the world,
chasing your dreams.

It hurts to stay still,
a future waits out there,
wanted and,

I want to run after it,
without even knowing,
what it is,
but it isn't this,
not at all.

and perhaps there is someone,
who might fit the shape,
that is still unclear,
in my mind,
one can but hope.

My blood is fizzing,
I'm like a pot on the boil,
simmering away on a stove of hot coals.

I'm in hot pursuit,
whatever it takes,
I can't wait another second,
I run, I dash, I sprint,
leaping head first,
heedless of risk,
I waited,
long enough.

Here I come.


  1. How we all must feel this way sometimes. Your words bubbled away so I had to turn down the heat a little!

  2. Oh my... you've just spoken for so many youthful and restless souls! Wonderful poem :)

  3. Well look at it this way ... at least you are feeling something and showing signs of life which keeps you at the front of the herd. Go for it!:)

  4. you captured restlessness and desire, really makes you think of hidden passion.

  5. This is a poem I can feel. You have captured the spirit that so many feel sometimes as they want to leave their present existence and experience something new & can hardly wait to get on with it.

  6. could feel the energy in this and also the hope for a new horizon..

  7. I enjoyed the energy and the positive tone of your poem. It is much better to be bursting at the seams and long for something new than find refuge in the dark corners of our soul.

  8. I love the energy and passion ~ I say go for it, smiles ~

  9. this is exactly how I feel at the moment. reading your poem makes me smile and nod in agreement. my fizzing has been cured. :)

  10. Oh I know that feeling. You expressed it with such accuracy.

  11. Go! Go! Go!
    Wonderfully expressed!

  12. I remember feeling EXACTLY that way. I made the leap into the most glorious ten years of my life. I wish the same for you - happy flying!

  13. Great stuff, especially:

    "like your skin is too tight,
    and you need to burst..." Great poem of yearning

  14. This is great. I think every person can connect to your words on some level. I know that I do. I understand your feeling 'I want to run after it, without even knowing, what it is, but it isn't this, no, not at all'. You have a way with words that conveys such a familiar emotion to me. The world is filled with wonderful things to discover!

  15. So much emotion and energy in this, I feel like I'm fizzing too! Well done :-)

  16. we want so many things in life and run after perfection all the time! yet its a incomplete world!

  17. Most of us can identify with the feeling state you so aptly describe. At one time or another we have felt the same...and is why we write.