Sunday, 27 July 2014

Five letters

Five perfect letters,
written, not sent.

One full of anger,
one full of questions,
one full of despair,
two full of love.

I swear the words danced,
they were electrically charged.

I crafted them in stone,
carving them out so carefully,
chiseling away,
until they were just right.

And once they were perfect,
once they were done,
once they said all that they could say,
only then,
I hit delete,
and they were gone for good.

For really,
I have no right,
to write to you at all.


The feeling of wanting...

like your skin is too tight,
and you need to burst,
out of your shell,
and run out into the world,
chasing your dreams.

It hurts to stay still,
a future waits out there,
wanted and,

I want to run after it,
without even knowing,
what it is,
but it isn't this,
not at all.

and perhaps there is someone,
who might fit the shape,
that is still unclear,
in my mind,
one can but hope.

My blood is fizzing,
I'm like a pot on the boil,
simmering away on a stove of hot coals.

I'm in hot pursuit,
whatever it takes,
I can't wait another second,
I run, I dash, I sprint,
leaping head first,
heedless of risk,
I waited,
long enough.

Here I come.