Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Collection of Complications

A collection of complications
I'm stacking them up
Faster than I can count
Just waiting for them to tumble
Did I leap to soon?

Caution was always my card
Forever stashed up my sleeve
Ready to be played
But not yet, not yet
Just wait a little longer

A little more time
'til the dust settles
'til I catch my breath
'til my thoughts stop racing
Just a minute more, an hour, a day

A little too much scrutiny
I'm being drawn out of the shadows
Into the centre of attention
Though I duck and dodge the spotlight
It finds me again

Just another week, another month
A moment of peace
That's all I need
Let me collect my thoughts
Breathe again

And just be.


  1. A complex and intriguing mix of hesitance and urgency. Well written. Keep it up! :D

  2. Oh, those complications sometimes do manage to follow a person, don't they? You dodge one, and another comes to find you! Hopefully in between we find a time to breathe.

  3. Waiting for just the right time, the perfect moment...our desire for perfection makes it so easy to perpetuate our incompleteness. This is a very smart and well rendered poem. Nice job.
    Steve K.

  4. too soon for what I want to know now :-)
    you're teasing us, aren't you?

  5. Complications, caution and time to breathe. The latter should help with the former, smiles.

  6. i think that perfect moment never one can't stop the waves of the sea and bathe...nice lines triggering many thoughts...

  7. when i read " faster than i count" i could feel the poem read itself so fast... i finished it in seconds and realised the last line said it all!!

  8. Take your time :-)
    Nice piece!