Saturday, 28 September 2013

Spring storms

It's wicked fierce tonight,
outside and in.

I listen to the wind as it tears apart the trees,
their branches lashing out in the darkness,
striking everything in reach with devastating blows.
The debris becomes a hail of whirling missiles,
spinning through the night.

Rain thunders against the steel roof,
overwhelming the gutters,
falling in cascading streams that swirl,
washing away the earth,
uprooting and drowning the spring flowers before they bloom.

Lightning cleaves the sky,
the house shudders with the force.

Ah, but it's so peaceful out there compared to how it is in here.
I long for that kind of peace.


  1. The tremendous noise of the storm outside found peaceful as compared to the storm raging within... I can totally relate with that. We must always keep our hopes up that it calms down.
    The words provide a true imagery of the storm. Well-penned.

  2. oh can I relate to that. Natures storms can be devastating but they are cleansing...storms of the human nature can do much more damage....and much more difficult to recover from