Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Valley

It's all downhill from here.

A controlled fall, all the way down,
Gravity's gentle pull,
Tugging me home,
The valley will catch me.

Each day a different scene at the summit,
At night it twinkles,
Fifty thousand stars pinned to the earth.
The valley, it breathes,
There is life all the way down,
It hums with it.

The river that cuts the valley in twain,
Predicts the present,
If you read it right.
Dangerous undercurrents lurk beneath.
At its end the ocean wears away what was,
With patience it's all washed clean.

Each day a different picture,
Discovery to be made.
But constant, safe and solid,
The valley will catch me,
It will catch me,
When I fall.


  1. Experience the dizzying heights of the summit appears to be a transient situation.
    The comfort and solace that the valley offers seems to offer the hope of renewal and peace that you need.

  2. This makes me envious: you clearly exist in a place that soothes you to the extent of being able to write this.
    Even your gravity seems 'tamed'.

    Pretty please: switch off the word verification: it does my eys in.

  3. Your poem and the feelings of serenity and certitudes it conveys made me wonder where you live.

  4. I read this as a metaphor for aging.. and that river the final hurdle (very much like Styx).. I think enjoying a silent walk down, while having the view, is so much better than the struggles walking up..

  5. I like the idea of the valley catching one when one falls. One would hope that all would have such a valley to cushion one on the journey through life.

  6. i like that there is life all the way down
    and the opportunity we can find in each day,
    should we choose---and in the end
    that we will be caught

  7. I like your description of the valley pinned with earthbound stars at night. Perfect visual.

  8. I also like the idea of the valley catching you when you fall--this is a lovely write!

  9. Nice, well written and experienced by me. Thanks.

  10. when there's the comfort of valley where home is uphill journey is feather like so the gravity's pull is gentle and there's joy in dicoveries...beautiful lines with
    amazing visuals...

  11. Can visualize the valley. Beautifully written.

  12. horrible feeling, that there is only a downfall, yet some comfort that valley will catch us.

  13. This is SO beautiful, "the valley will catch me, it will catch me when I fall." I loved the progression of this poem, and the LIFE in it. Wonderful!

  14. I love the entire feel of this piece!

  15. I really like the feel of this poem - it brings to mind images of nature, freedom, somehow, even with the fall - we fall a lot in life, but what's important is getting up. Great!

  16. Beautiful. I liked so many lines that I could not pick a favorite. Great closing.

  17. Thank God for those valleys that birthed us and now support us in all our endeavors and our need for dream and for rest. I love this poem.